My Story

Ten years ago, I was struggling with chronic lower back pain, sciatica and RSI. Every day was a constant battle between me and the pain. I never felt okay in my own skin.

While researching solutions, I came across a method called the ‘Alexander Technique’. My first Alexander Technique lesson was an eye-opening experience. I thought my problem was the pain in my back, but quickly I learned how the things I was doing in my daily life, from how I sat, stood and bent, to how I was thinking, were all factors that affected my body, changing how I moved and caused my pain.
I left that first lesson feeling lighter and freer than I had in years. I was able to sit more upright without effort, and the pain in my back was hugely reduced and stayed away. The benefits were long-term and did not require any ‘maintenance’ sessions.

I took further lessons and continued to feel calmer, more relaxed and less sore as tension melted away from my body. It’s hard to quantify how massive a positive impact the work had in my life. I saw friends and family struggling with issues without relief and decided to undertake the three-year Alexander teacher training. The rest (including the back pain) is history.

Since then, I’ve been just a small bit obsessed with helping people free themselves from the issues that hold them back or get in their way. If you ever struggle with any pain, whether it’s in your back, neck, hips or shoulders, or a condition such as RSI, M.E., or you simply feel tense or uncomfortable sitting or standing for extended periods, try a lesson with me. You may be surprised how you feel afterwards.

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