“Ease in Motion”

1-Day Group Classes
Suitable For Everyone

With Alexander Technique and LearningMethods teacher, Andrew Monaghan


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Location: The Natural Clinic, Sullivan’s Quay, Cork
Date : Saturday 20th May
Time: 10:00 – 16:00
Cost: €60

If you ever get back, neck or shoulder pain, stiffness, or sore joints, if you ever feel uncomfortable in your own skin, or you’re simply interested in learning how you can move with greater ease, this class will teach you how to access a greater sense of ease and freedom in your body, in your work and in your life.

Rediscover a sense of lightness through a series of simple, practical demonstrations, drawing on principles from the Alexander Technique, Functional Anatomy, as well as developments in Medical Research and Neuroscience.



This Class Is For You If…

  • You ever feel stiffness, pain or strain while bending, sitting, walking, standing, working, driving… or pretty much any activity you can think of.
  • You ever worry that wear and tear, injury, pain or lack of mobility threatens your future health.
  • You would like to learn a simple way to prevent, reduce and eliminate stiffness, pain and strain, and improve how you move in any activity.

The class will focus on the issues that you want to explore. Just bring your curiosity and an openness to learning.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to prevent, reduce and eliminate strain or injury in work, play and life in general by changing how you move and think about movement.
  • Simple changes you can use right away to reduce tension and strain and increase your freedom of movement.
  • How to uncover and change the underlying causes of strain, pain or injury.

Who is the Teacher?

Andrew Monaghan has been teaching Alexander Technique & LearningMethods since 2009. As a former chronic pain sufferer, he has an interest in helping others find relief from physical discomfort.

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10:00 – 12:00 (Introduction)

How We Normally Try To Solve Problems
Why Pain, Strain and Injuries Are So Common – and what to do about it
Bringing Ease into Everyday Movements Part 1

12:00 – 1300 (Break)

13:00 – 16:00

Check in – thoughts, feedback
Bringing Ease into Everyday Movements Part 2
Further explorations – applying what you learned to the issues you would like help with, e.g. while sitting, standing, balance, etc.
Check-in Thoughts, Feedback
Wrap up


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