How to deal with sciatic nerve pain

Sciatic Nerve Pain

What causes sciatic nerve pain and how can you treat it?

Do you suffer from sciatic nerve pain? Sciatica comes with many symptoms; whether get throbbing lower back pain, shooting pains down your legs when you’re sitting or standing, burning or tingling sensations. Some people feel a sense of loss of strength or a feeling of numbness.  You can read more about sciatica’s symptoms here:

The most important thing to take in is that sciatic nerve pain may have symptoms that go from your lower back all the way down to your feet, but the cause of these symptoms is happening indirectly. Let me explain.


How I can help you to relieve sciatica — permanently

The important thing to realise about sciatica, as well as any other kind of nerve pain, is that in the vast majority of cases, as many as 97%, the pain is merely a symptom. The pain happens because the nerve gets compressed as a result of muscular forces or a mechanical issue.

In other words, the pain may be coming from a nerve, but the nerve itself is not the problem. The pain is generated indirectly by whatever is compressing or impinging upon the nerve.

In most cases, unnecessary, excessive muscle tension, as well as poor body habits, cause sciatica symptoms. For example sitting or standing with excessive muscle tension due to imbalances.

I work to help you identify strains, as well as abnormal movements which can cause this compression of the nerve. For example, a common issue is the around the L3-L4 vertebrae, also L1-L2 or L4-L5. These are vertebrae that are commonly compressed when people are bending unnaturally or adding excessive, unnatural muscular forces into this area of their back. I can help you to release this tension, so that the muscles release, the spine lengthens and this all decompresses the area around the nerve.

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