How I can help you

I’ve spent the past ten years exploring how physical movement, posture, mindsets and behaviours can influence our body and mind. When we learn how to function well, we can thrive.

I can help you to:

  • Relieve and overcome physical pain, strain and tension. This includes neck, shoulder, or back pain, sciatica, or other musculoskeletal issues such as a “frozen shoulder”, RSI, etc.

    “The work I did with Andrew turned my life around when I felt like it was starting to come to a halt.”
    M. O’Brien

  • Experience more lightness, freedom and ease as you release excess muscular tension and improve your economy of movement.

“I felt my spine lengthen and my limbs come away from my torso in a way that felt really good and freeing. After the first session I bumped into some friends who wanted to know how I had managed to grow two inches since I had last seen them.”
Gavin Ryan

“I noticed after every lesson that my body felt physically lighter and more relaxed. And each time I was absolutely amazed to feel muscles instantaneously release.
I’ve often gone to treatments and hadn’t necessarily felt something straight away. But with this I felt a physical change without having to do an awful lot. “

  • Regain confidence in your system — and get back to doing the activities you love.

“Despite my fears, I didn’t have to quit my job, or stay on painkillers for the rest of my life. I made some, in retrospect, logical changes in how I move and operate on a day to day basis which completely changed how I felt.”
M. O’Brien

  • Reduce the risk, and fear, of injury. Reclaim the ease and freedom of movement you had when you were a child.
  • Uncover and change the behaviours that can cause or aggravate pain.

“I discovered that when I walked I was ‘controlling’ the way I moved my legs in an unnatural way. In addition to this, when I started getting hip pain I was also watching how I was walking and trying to ‘correct’ it. All of this was creating unnatural movements that created tension and pain. I did four lessons, almost immediately started feeling a difference and I’ve had no pain since.”
Darren Coutts


  • Uncover and solve many other ‘blocks’ that get in the way of you thriving, whether physical or otherwise. 

We were able to address issues that I was encountering in my life such as procrastination. The effects were remarkable. After one such session, all resistance and procrastination left me for three days. I addressed tasks with an ease and clarity I had not before experienced. In those three days I achieved more than I had in the previous month. Furthermore, rather than feeling the usual resistance, I enjoyed the process of doing those things that needed to be done. It was nothing short of a miracle.
Gavin Ryan

I was able to gain clarity on a number of ideas and preconceptions which directly affect the way I speak and think about my stutter. Now when I speak with family, friends, colleagues or complete strangers I am becoming more and more aware of how I perceive myself in the situation and this has given me a sense of control and ease which I did not have before.
Gregor Herda

I am open to working with you on whatever interests you. It’s often surprising how many problems are solvable, often faster than we’d ever dare imagine. And it’s not just the results people love and find fascinating, but the process of exploration itself. After all, you’re learning practical knowledge on how we humans function and how you can ‘operate’ better in your day to day life. Here’s one client’s description of how lessons felt for her:

“Working with Andrew reminds me of doing my favourite science subjects. There’s a combination of theory and practical work. I love that it’s not all of one thing, but we do different things.  He always asks, ‘what would you like to focus on?'”


Who is the work for?

This work is for anyone, whether you’re a parent, teacher, student, musician, athlete or actor. Whatever your age or occupation, you can benefit.  All it takes is an openness and interest in learning and exploring.

While the work is therapeutic in its benefits, and changes can often happen much sooner than people anticipate, the means by which you gain these changes is through learning. During lessons you are making realisations, changing body habits, mindsets and behaviours.

What you learn in the lesson is applied in your day-to-day life using small, simple changes and experiments. Because you are changing the underlying cause of the issue, you will get massive, long-term benefits. All of my clients love this and find it interesting to explore and apply what they’ve learnt and really feel how the changes they’re making are improving their lives. But not everybody will be willing or able to do this. It’s for this reason that while this work can be used by anyone, it’s not suitable for everyone.

If you’re unsure, there’s never harm in asking for advice. Feel free to contact me and we can discuss your situation. Here’s my number: 087-9387302.

You can also get advice on what’s best for you from the Client Consultant at the Natural Clinic, Leonard Murphy, on 021-4311977.


My contact details are here.